Dog Training

* Thank you for your patience This page is under construction along with our brand new kennel Building*

At this time all training will be offered on a limited basis

Training is one of the single biggest investments you will make into your dog. Hundreds of books have been written on training and we encourage anyone struggling with their dogs relationship to start collecting as much knowledge and understanding as possible.  If you find your self stuck at any point in your journey we are here for you, as a resource and guide. We offer both one on one lessons and board and train programs, both tailored to your dog. We wish all dogs were the same and thus could be trained the same and in the same amount of time, sadly they like us, are individuals with their own learning needs. We offer the basic programs listed below, however what we focus and time it will take will change depending on the dog. As always, we will be upfront and honest about how long we think it may take and what your dog will need to succeed in reaching your goals. 

Online Training Services

Due to the pandemic, travel restrictions, and the state of the economy, we are now offering online digital training services. While it isn't as in depth, or as thorough and immersive as boarding and training, we have tried to make it as helpful as in person one on one training. 

While we cannot take on more advanced cases that require hands on work, we are happy to talk and come up with feasible game plans, coupled with regular check-ins, and informational supportive documents to help you on your journey. 

Board and Train Programs

Basic Obedience

This program is designed for those young teenage dogs who have suddenly forgotten any training you have done. If you have never experienced a dog forgetting sit count your blessings! It is enough to drive any owner crazy. Let us re-establish those core behaviors such as recall, loose leash walking, etc.  In the end your dog should be able to reliably build upon these foundational behaviors as they advance in their training and life. 

Advanced Obedience

This program is about moving your dog out of basic obedience and building upon of those core behaviors coupled with an emphasis of trustworthiness in situations that require it. We tailor this program to fit each owner and dogs individual goals, striving for reliability. 

For example we commonly work on off leash proofing of main behaviors, advanced skills like scent work, retriever skill sets, or positive associating building for dogs who came with us behavior adjustment needs. 

Puppy Head Start

This is at the core the basic introductions to life that all puppies need, with an emphasis on stable proper exposure and handler engagement. Puppies stay in our home and cared for just as we would raise any of our own dogs.  Let us get through the hard parts of leash training, potty training, kenneling, and life skills to be a good companion. We will set the tone for you to finish and bond with your young dog to finalize this training. 

This program is also offered at a exclusive discount for all puppies produced here.


I have found over the years that there isn't one method that works for every dog. I strive to keep each dog an active participant in their own learning. If I had to label myself it would be as a LIMA trainer (least invasive, minimally adverse). Studies show dogs learn the best and retain information the best using reward based systems to increase the behavior. However negatives can be used in a dog to stop a behavior, if need be. I will never punish a dog for not knowing something that it hasn't been taught, as sometimes can happen. Re evaluating the approach in training is critical if the dog is hitting road blocks. This is why it is important to find a trainer that knows how to build positive associations with the behaviors desired as well as understand punishments. More importantly, dogs determine what is rewarding and punishing, not their human counterparts. Some things we even would consider a reward can be a punisher and molding the training approach for the individual dog is very important. 

The Grit: Pricing, structure, and expectations


For convenience and transparency we have decided to charge training in 2 week intervals for boarding and training. This will make pricing for our clients much simpler and straightforward, it also guarantees your dog will never be rushed through a program. Time estimates for each program are listed in each option to allow you budget simply and if your dog needs more or less time, an easy adjustment for everyone to make.  We also have straightforward pricing for one on one courses as well. You will note the time estimate on the one on one is slightly longer, as the DIY methodology tends to take longer to see the same learning. However on the flip side, one on one training will prepare you to handle your dog right from the start.

B&T (board and train): $500/ 2weeks (comes with 2 free follow up lessons 1 hour each) 

One on One: $85/ 1 hour lesson

Online Only Pricing

Always one on one style, via video chatting. Feel free and reach out to see how much time we may need to work together. 

Single Lesson: $25/ hour

Four or more lessons at: $21.5/ hour 


Course Structure

We try to leave a very open structure for our clients and their dogs to suit the individuality of them and their needs. When you sign up for a course through us we will discuss your goals and lay out a training plan. The adaptive plan will be a guide with 'landmarks' as to what needs to be completed before moving on. Many clients end up with a mix of B&T and one on one, to allow a smooth transition home. We also offer digital training calls for more of our long distance learners so you don't need to schedule time for driving out.



With a B&T expect your dog to need a few weeks to get into our routine here, during that time we don't allow visitation. After that, and depending on the training we can schedule meeting time as long as it won't interfere with training. However we do understand these are your family members and will always do our best to keep ample photos and videos of their ongoing training.

We will set you up with a "going home" program so the investment you've made into your dog will continue to reap rewards and allow you to get the relationship with your dog you so desire. This is, in our opinion, the most important part of training, the success you have with your dog in the future. Part of our expectations is that you will work with your dog away from the program, but don't worry you're not on your own! We will be in touch, and have as many follow-ups as you feel you need. 

Farm Dog Certification

We are approved to offer Farm Dog Cerified Tests, this is a program offered through the AKC, open to any registered dog of any breed.  A test of 12 obstacles and tasks to perform, you get graded on each, complete all 12 and receive a title!  Dog and handler must exhibit control and manners, as one would expect. Our facility allows us the ideal environment, a real ranch. 

To learn more about this program from AKC and to download the rule book feel free and follow this link here

The cost is a one time fee of $15 per dog


At this time while we work on construction of a permanent kennel building, we offer limited training out of our home. While this limits the number of dogs it offers your dog a unique opportunity of a more realistic environment. 

Not only are we blessed with ample acreage for training, we have vast swaths of public land only minutes from us. Below is a collection of photos from those places as well as at home.