Puppy Head Start

Program Overview

It is true, puppyhood is one of the most influential phases a dog can have. Experiences had during that stage of life can shape a dog expectations in the future. Command become less important because expectations for what to expect from environments and interactions they will have in their life. 

We rely heavily on a puppies naturally inborn talents to direct them into proper behaviors, as in teaching them how to be good students in the future. Shaping a puppies willingness to engage with you in training creates a dog who is willing to work with you in the future. If you want your puppy to be thoughtful and engaging, transforming your future training, this course is for you. 



As stated above we don't form any hard behaviors at this time and really don't ask for much in the way of commands instead our focus is on

-engagement skills

-off leash manners and recall 

-positive play, reward building




However, because of how formative puppy years are, tell us about your goals! Puppyhood is the best time to set expectations for the future on both ends of the leash. Let us develop a plan to get you to where you want to go!


This course is available currently in an immersive board and train, followed by a recommended one on one.



One on One

-10 week program of bi weekly one hour