Real Dogs for the Real World

History Mirrors the Future

Purebred dogs come with one key feature that can't be found elsewhere and that is their pedigree, the history that says what your dog is at a genetic level. There is a lot of history in a purebred dog of a credible registration (American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club), this makes up what your dog could be. Thorough health testing adds faith that your partner will be here for many healthy happy years; you provide the final part building your dogs skills and behavior that will make them a well rounded member of society.

We primarily use both the AKC and UKC for our governing registration, as the leading American registries with hundreds of years of history, also because they host the multitude of sporting events that we participate in with our dogs. We believe in honoring the standards of the breeders before us by ensuring that the dogs we have both the proper function and form. While we understand that every dog has its' flaws', attempting to perfect these sets of standards is what sets individual breeds apart and gives them the characteristics we so dearly love.

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Whats in the name

Misfire refers to the accidental discharge of a fire arm, reflecting the accidental discovery that the dog world is our passion. We chose the name one fine summer day in Michigan after a successful hunt test, and it still fits. Running poodles in the outdoor and hunting world, we stick out but we love our dogs and what they bring to our lives. We demand a highly driven, stable, intelligent dog, capable of handling the field and the home environment. You never know what life may throw out at you and we needs dogs who handle it in stride.

A misfire may be an accident but we promise you that the dogs we run and produce are the most well planned as any you could want.

The Whole Package


The desire to work, even when things get tough or the dog isn't successful the first time.


Hard to define, but essentially how quickly can the dog problem solve. Coupled with drive this can allow the dog to overcome obstacles quickly.


How biddable, or how willing to please it is, essentially the most important part, though a lot of teamwork is learned through time.


With these things we can help create enthusiastic working dogs dedicated to keeping up with all we ask of them, the other piece of the puzzle however is a dog built and physically capable of the work that is asked of them. We prefer to show our dogs to get outward opinions of how well they meet the standard to keep us from getting kennel blind.  We pair our dogs with this in mind as well, it would be unfair to create a high drive dogs that couldn't physically live the lives they mentally were driven to do.


When we do breed, quality of the all around dog is the most important. Functionality is the true test of the form, and our goal is to produce the most phenomenal all around dogs.


We are people with a family and lives, dogs are our passion and hobby. We need healthy, stable, well-rounded family members first. We expect our dogs to thrive in the home and the field.


There is nothing to be gained by falsely advertising what our dogs are or can do. We will always be upfront with shortcomings, because all dogs have them. We will always be there for those in our dog family whenever they may need us.