Planned & Current Breedings

Planned Litters

We currently have no breeding plans at this time, currently busy running and training! 

OUtside Litters

We actually have an opportunity to get a puppy from this litter and are searching for a potential co owner. The pup will be smaller, driven and need someone willing to run them in more advanced sports! 

Gus and Moriah Summer 2022
Gus and Moriah Summer 2022

Mount Zion welcomed 12 healthy puppies into the world on June 16th!
Mount Zion welcomed 12 healthy puppies into the world on June 16th!

Stud Services

While good females are the backbone of a breeding program, you can't forget about the boys. While some breeders love their girls we love our boys! That's why the majority of the dogs we have intact are males. 

We treat our stud contracts like many other poodle breeders. We require outside dogs to be up to date on brucellosis, hold all the required health clearances, and be a good match on their pedigree (and for poodles genetically through VGL).  We do NOT allow cross breedings for poodles, and in poodles accept merle lineage (which is also a mixed breed). We are open to discussing our dogs strengths and weaknesses and will be honest if we think a dog will be a good match or not. Please use the contact form above or contact us directly.  

Available Dogs


Currently we have our foster girl, 6 year old standard, Trendy with us. She is a high drive dog that failed in her last home for that reason. She is looking for the perfect partner to be her a team with her. She is health tested and acts like a 2 year old, gets along well with others. Please contact for more information.